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PHP Contact Form

Nowadays, when you visit a website, you may see several forms there like login form, registration form, Contact Form, etc.

With the help of these Forms, a user may do the related function. For example, a contact form is a nice and handy way to let users interact with the website representative and for the website representative, it is a nice and clean way to show that they care about their customers.

Whereas a form on the website is a great idea to make your customers feel good by giving them an attractive, good looking, easy to use, and spam free php form. PHP is a freeware hence, creating a good looking PHP form does not need a budget. All you need is PHP form development skills. If you are not good at PHP then you may want to use PHP contact form creator with graphical user interface.

PHP form

Here are some of the best features that make a PHP form generator a nice tool and also the points that you should check before downloading a PHP form generator tool:

1. Intuitive, simple, and self-explaining graphical user interface. You only need to select the form type, form fields, buttons, and you are done.

2. Intuitive color scheme so that the form can match with the style of your website.

3. You get the live preview on each step. This feature saves your precious time as you do not need to repeat the whole process in case you do not like the look and feel.

4. Support for standard fields like text, paragraph, etc. and Advanced fields like name, address, email, etc. with PHP form validation options.

5. Support for mandatory fields to accept must to provide information from users.

6. Anti-spam support with CAPTCHA so that you are not ruined by SPAMMERS.

7. Support for liquid layout and responsive themes so that form works best on device of all size.

In addition to all these, PHP Form generator application should offers an array of other useful features like one click publishing, email validation, etc.

Formoid is an intuitive PHP form creator application with a graphical user interface. When you have this application installed in your PC or MAC, then you need not to think about PHP coding for creating PHP form and PHP Form Validation. All you need is to use the graphical user interface of the application for designing the form.