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Awesome tool to create beautiful forms with JavaScript form validation

JavaScript is a dynamic programming computer language which provides a convenient way to validate forms before sending it to the web server.

Javascript form validation will save a lot of time up front, but if the user has turned off JavaScript double-checking the data on the server remains necessary. The two main functions of the form validation include:

Basic Validation: To make sure data is entered into each form field that required it.

Data Format Validation: To check that data entered is correct or not. It checks the correct form and value.

javascript form validation

JavaScript Validations are of following types:

• Required fields

• Valid user name

• Valid password

• Valid e-mail address

• Valid phone number

1. Required Fields:

It is a basic JavaScript validation in which the function checks if a field has been left empty. The JavaScript form will be not be submitted if the field is blank, an alert box will alert a message.

2. Valid User Name:

It is data format validation in which the function checks

• If the username field contains anything at all entered by the user.

• If the username field is not blank, the function checks the length of the string and permit only usernames that is between 5 and 15 characters.

• Then, we use the JavaScript regular expression /\W/ to forbid illegal characters from appearing in usernames. It allows only letters, numbers and underscores.

3. Valid Password:

It is another important JavaScript validation in which the function checks the password field for blankness and allows only letters and numbers but no underscores. Therefore a new regular expression is used to forbid underscores.

* This one /[\W_]/ allow only letters and numbers.

* seacrh() method and two more regular expressions: /(a-z)+/ and /(0-9)/ allows only passwords that contain letters and at least one numeral.

4. Valid e-mail address:

The JavaScript form also has the above JavaScript validation which is used to check the email address entered by user is real or not.

* The data entered for email address must contain at least an @ sign and a dot (.) for which the @ must not be the first character of the email address, and the last dot must at least be one character after the @ sign.

* At first we check if the user entered anything at all in the email field. Next, we use regular expression and the test() method to check the field for a compliance. Also we will use trim() function that will trim leading whitespace off the string. This won’t be perfect validation — it is possible to slip not compliant addresses by it — but it's normally good enough.

5. Valid Phone Number:

As the name suggests this JavaScript validation checks if the phone number entered in the JavaScript form is valid.

* Firstly we use regular expression and the replace () method to clear out any spacer characters.

* Then the isNaN() function is used to check if the phone number contain only numbers.

* And finally the function checks the length of the string and allows only phone numbers with 10 digits.

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