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Contact us form - way to provide website visitors with a method to ‘contact us’

The purpose of an html contact form is pretty straightforward - it’s a way to provide website visitors with a method to ‘contact us’, or to connect with an agent of our website.

And though it’s quite common for people to create their own contact form html script, not everyone is so handy with that kind of thing; others just don’t have the time. For most of us it’s a better idea to buy a pre-made script. But there are many types of html contact forms out there, so how do we choose?

Actually it’s simple to figure out what type of form you need. You line up the standardly available requisites, and from that list, check off the ones that you want in your own contact us form html script.

Contact form HTML

The standard list of requisites looks much as follows:

● A text field - A straightforward one line input field for text.

● Checkbox options - Two or more checkboxes allowing for the user to mark the box of their choice. An example would be what color are your eyes? Box 1- brown / box 2 - blue / box three - other.

● Radio button options - Choices offered via radio buttons are another way to provide the user with a choice of responses. The main difference between radio buttons and checkboxes is that you can only offer one valid response with radio buttons, with checkboxes you can offer more.

● A drop down box - Indicates options or values.

● A text area - This is larger than the first one mentioned and offers room for multiple lines of text.

● An option to reset - When clicked it removes all input and the form once again is as it began - empty.

● A file upload interface.

● And finally a submit button - It allows you to submit the form to the server.

From the above list you can quickly see that having all of these elements would be unnecessary in your own html contact form. First some are quite similar in what they offer. Secondly, it’s unlikely that you would need all of them. Remember though, one thing that you will want to avoid is testing the patience of your website visitors by requiring that they submit more information than is necessary.


With so many contact us form html scripts out there, it is best that you begin your search with a solid choice, check out Formoid. Not only are their forms reliable and easy to use, they are also beautiful to behold. They offer everything you’ll need and everything you might want. Formoid offers free scripts for both Windows and Mac, and they also offer a premium option offering even more solutions for you and your business.