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HTML Forms, Web Forms, Introduction, Uses and Formoid

Web forms (also known as HTML forms) are very important part of any professional website and have much functionality in it. It contains so many elements as per requirements of that website. There are several uses of web forms such as to send feedback, queries, contact support, search in a website and to fill details while registering for a website etc.

Developers use the inputs at server side to store the details in their database and can use those details in future. To save developers times of developing such web forms, some of websites are offering services to create html forms in few simple steps such as JotForm, pFoem, Formoid , Formstack, Wufoo and HTMLform etc.

Use of Web Forms:

Web forms are used to store inputs provided by the user and perform accordingly. Web form is a combination of text input, checkbox, radio, file, textarea selection, reset and submit etc. Text input is used to store simple one line or less data, text area is used for a long data such as a paragraph, radio button to select among different values such as between male and female selection, checkbox is used to save multiple values, reset button is used to clear out all the values from form and submit button is used to submit the values to the server to perform functionality of the form.

HTML contact form

Why to use Online Form Builder:

One should go with online form builder is to save their time. If you have a limited uses with forms then anyone can create such form using online form building tools as it needs no coding skills. Organizations can also save their money by closing their IT team for this purpose. Online tool will let you create amazing and customizable web forms by simply drag and drop functionality and also provide you database/storage to store values after submission of the form. It is very easy and fun to start with such tools. Formoid is a website which offers amazing features to create a web form within few minutes. The website if offering drag and drop option, no coding required, css styled forms which are responsive as well as retina-ready. This tool is really incredible.

A web form can be used for so many purposes and to save your time to develop such HTML form it’s a good idea to use online form building tools. Formoid is one of the best among all other form building websites. This website has already created forms available which can be used or you can create a new form using their drag and drop feature. These forms will be then used as comment box, registration or to send any details. This tool is supported by Windows as well as Mac platform. Website is offering back end, server side programming as well to perform operation with any form and also provide database storage to save details for future use. These forms are responsive as well to run on all screen size devices from mobiles to a large display screen size systems. Formoid also offer image captcha to prevent spamming. Formoid - All in one and incredible tool to build web forms.