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Every website needs a contact form

Every website, no matter its purpose, needs a web form or contact form of one kind or another. There’s no need to hire a professional programmer, especially if you’re just starting out on a tight budget.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced with how to build a site, adding forms to your website is easy at any experience level. You don’t need to learn know how to write codes. There are lots of user-friendly form generators on the web for any and all your needs.

Some generators are copy/paste or drag/drop. For the simplest of forms, like reporting a bug issue, leaving a comment, or submitting email, a simple template form would fit your needs. However, if you’re wanting to get a more detailed feedback and information from your users or followers, you’ll want a customized survey or questionnaire, a great tool to use to get informative feedback and use it to drive more traffic to your site and better serve your customer’s needs. In this case the most basic template forms won’t do. You’ll need to build a custom form for your information gathering.

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For the novice or beginner this task will seem overwhelming and over one’s head. Don’t be daunted, there are some excellent resources that have easy to understand tutorials, some with step-by-step videos. Many offer a few free templates to start you out with, but when your needs increase you’ll want to purchase a more sophisticated form, especially once your traffic increases consistently. Being able to see a 1,000 results vs 10 is worth the monthly cost. It’s just good business sense. Premium forms will give you better options with more data fields, and features you’ll need like social sharing of form information, radio buttons, mandatory fields, storage space to host attached files on forms, and QR code integration.

Committing time and money into making your website look visually appealing is a vital investment. Why not make sure your contact form is just as superb. Having a clean and simple design will reduce failed submissions and errors by preventing confusion. While searching for the best forms, it may be wise to look for these features, GUI, up-to-date form themes, css style, validation as-you-type, anti-spam captcha, multi-browser capability, retina-ready, basic templates to advanced customized forms.

Choosing the right form and designing it exclusive to your site, shows your users, clients, and followers that they’re dealing with a person, not a machine, that you care for their concerns, and it gives an added reliability to your site. Successful web designers know that unique aesthetics that are simple yet pleasing to the eye, pay off. And as more users are using mobile devises and high resolution screens, you’ll want to make sure you’re forms will also keep up with technical trends.

A great resource for beautiful contact forms is It offers different forms for registration, comment, bug report, etc. You can customize your forms to fit all your needs while protecting your customer/clients data and information. Options are reasonably priced, where as other form generator sites can be pricey. You can get all your forms in one site location without having to scan the web to find all the forms you’ll need. They also offer free downloads available for PC and Mac users.