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FormBuilder is a free desktop app that helps you easily create contact us form, jquery contact form, web forms, jquery form and more in a few seconds without writing a single line of code. Create impressive online forms in just a few clicks.

Slick and easy-to-use web form builder

For most web developers, the days of manually creating online forms through PHP, CSS or other frameworks are a bad memory thanks to form building software. To simplify things even more, client-side web form builder software can be avoided in favor of an online form builder.

By far the easiest to use of these online form builders is Formoid. Boasting an intuitive interface, users of Formoid can create forms with simple drag-and-drop design tools. Colors, styles and layouts are completely customizable with no coding required.

There's no compromise with the types of data fields that can be created in the program, either. Simple and advanced options, mandatory entries and even anti-spam Captcha fields can be integrated seamlessly into any design.

Formoid is as versatile as it is slick and easy-to-use. The program can be used on Mac or Windows and it generates forms that are compatible with the widest range of browsers and operating systems (even on browsers that aren't running Javascript!) Forms can be generated as HTML, with a server-side PHP handler or can even be hosted online with a link that allows the user to embed their form into a web page or Lightbox popup.

Feature-packed and with almost no learning curve, Formoid is exactly what web developers of all skill levels need to streamline their form creating and maximize their efficiency. Complete details and visual walkthroughs of Formoid can be found at